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About Madhatter Auctions

Madhatter Auctions is a live online auction site full of fabulous items for sale at great prices! Madhatter Auctions hosts live online auctions all day-every day bringing buyers and sellers together from around the world for the most enjoyable shopping experience ever. You will also find a wide variety of quality items to choose from in any of the seller's individual stores.

Madhatter Auctions cares about both our buyers and sellers. Customer service is always fast and friendly so a buyer's experience is a great one and they cannot wait to return to see what is new and exciting. We have lower fees than most auction sites on the web so sellers make the money they deserve for all their hard work of providing quality items quickly and safely. You can rest assured that all transactions are handled safely and securely for your protection.

In order for Madhatter Auctions to make your experience fun and exciting, we ask only a few simple things from you. If you do not want it, do not bid on it. You cannot bid on other items until you pay for the previous one. Winning bids must be paid for immediately after the auction closes for that item. Buyers and sellers can contact each other to resolve any issues easily, after all, we are all adults here. If an issue cannot be resolved, or if you are having technical problems, Madhatter Auctions customer service professionals are here to assist you at the drop of a hat.

Welcome To The Party... We Are All Mad Here!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Customer Support at madhatterauctions@mail.com and a representative will reply within 24 hours.